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We've come up to an idea called "The world of tomorrow" which we would like to sponsor.
How will technology,environment, education, society and politics be in a few years time, and how will they affect each other?

We have separated our topic into two parts. In this e-mail we are including a questionnaire about the second part which concerns the arts of the future for you to answer.


· What do you want the future art to be like?
· How do you believe that the art will develop in the future?
And in which fields do you expect the art to alternate?
What is your opinion about the change of the methods of creating art?
· Many people are not satisfied with today’s technology and they claim that many centuries ago the earth and people’s lives were better, what is your opinion about this statement?
· Do you believe that the art tomorrow will finally be able to change the world and make it more tolerable? Furthermore, do you think that many people’s way of thinking will change? Do you expect that art will save the world?
· Which fields of art would you like to see expanding in the future?

World of Tomorrow - Society, politics, technology, education, and environment

Technology in the United States advances about every couple of years. In a few years, it is likely that most classrooms in America will have Smartboards, new computers, and other learning technology. Due to the internet, it is predicted that newspapers and magazines may go out of business in the next decade.
Environmental issues have become very important recently; schools have made changes to help be more eco-friendly. Separate recycling bins for paper and plastics and glass have been added to classrooms, our school included. Outside of school, water-bottle companies have also designed new bottles using less plastic to help benefit the environment. Nationwide, there is a project “Go Green” that encourages people to take easy changes in their everyday life that will make a huge difference in the environment, such as using less water, recycling, and saving electricity. Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly more popular in an effort to pollute less. In most states, schools are required to educate students on the theory of Global Warming, the idea that people contribute to the increasing world temperatures which presents problems to wildlife. America’s hope is to improve our environment and help the world.
Education is valued in the society of America as an important step in becoming successful as a nation. Every child is given the opportunity to attend a public school no matter where he or she lives or their economic circumstances. Through taxes, public schools are funded, giving everyone an equal chance to attend school and get a strong education. Recently, our president, Barack Obama has been working to provide federal funding for young adults to go to college. He believes that some people are getting cheated out of the chance to go to college because of how difficult it is to get a loan from a private bank. It is Obama’s hope, and many of the people who support this idea that it will come into action in the near future.
Recently, our society has become much more accepting of diversity. As time goes on, it is predicted that foreign cultures will be accepted more and continue to play a role in America’s lifestyle. As of now, our society still faces issues with oppressions such as racism and non-tolerance to alternate lifestyles. In the future, it is expected that these issues will deplete. It has been a common trend in history that acceptance in society improves as time goes on.
Politics have always been an issue of debate in the United States. Currently, our nation is led by a democratic president. Due to world issues, some citizens have skeptical of President Obama’s decisions. We are facing a war against terrorism and at the moment have troops stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The troops are expected to come home from Iraq soon. People are worried that it may be too soon to bring the troops home. Because of the criticism of President Obama, it is suspected that we will most likely have a republican president after the next election. Additionally, President Obama has been working towards providing Universal Health-care for the nation. The United States has many supporters of the bill, but just as many non-supporters. Universal Health-care has been a bill that has been pushed for since the 1990’s and may be introduced in the near future. If the bill is successful, it will hopefully benefit the United States greatly.
Each of these topics connects in improving America. Technology and education are continuing to advance together. Education relies on technology throughout most of America. The learning process can be improved through systems such as computers and Smartboards because the resources available in the technology such as the internet make research and note-taking more efficient. The environment and politics also cross each other’s paths as they continue to move forward. In America, the Greenpeace party focuses on how to improve the environment through politics. All of these contribute to how society functions in regards to approaching the environment, other cultures, and influencing people’s views on politics. The World of tomorrow could be significantly different because of the innovations in these areas.


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Григорий Кружков

World of Tomorrow by John Muir School, USA
Technology is changing everything very rapidly. Technology allows anyone to gain instant access to an amount of information absolutely unheard of by previous generations. Technology changes the outcome of political elections, political reforms, and political revolts, and will continue to change politics. Technology also allows a new medium with which to express oneself. Art is becoming more and more digital, what with the rise of powerful micro-computing, wireless transmission, and stunning visual capabilities, technology has opened up and entire new avenue in which to express what one wants to express. I think politics, and art are a fantastic development. The only problem is the other end of the spectrum. Technology allows instant access to the papers and thinking of geniuses, and instant access to completely mindless and trite videos, pictures, and games that hold absolutely no importance, or progress our understanding of anything in any way. What technology gives us is a choice between enlightenment and understanding, or instant gratification and pleasure. I like to think sometimes that technology is a terrible thing. That technology is at fault for all of mankind current errs, but the real monster at fault here isn’t the technology. It's the people using the technology that make the decision to spend all their time on the internet doing nothing, and then blame technology for their worsening quality of life. I think technology is a wonderful thing. Mankind just doesn't know how to use it yet. Ellis Carroll

The world's politics will still be telling us lies and be corrupt as it is now. The whole environment would be dead and we would have to survive without plant life. Education would probably be as cruddy as it is now. Society will still be horribly messed up. Technology will greatly improve over time. That would probably be the only good thing that would improve over the years. Future art will not exist cause nobody will want to even paint something that is original. We use pictures to capture art in this century. Art will not even exist in that time period. I myself personally like the idea of no technology. partially because it will allow people to get out and actually do something with their lives. In the past people survived without any massive improvements in technology. Today people can’t live without technology because they have gotten lazy and want only technology to do most of their work. Drennon
I think technology will be more advanced and politics will be more of an issue. The environment might get worse or better depending how we take care of it in future years. I think they will affect each other by trying to get more importance to something than the other for example politics and technology.
What is your opinion about the change of the methods of creating art? I think the methods might be the same or a little more creative.
Many people are not satisfied with today's technology and they claim that many centuries ago the earth and people's lives were better, what your opinion about this statement? I think that maybe people like how much simpler it was back then and how much better earth was but over the years there are some things that have improved lives. Onaidy