impact of sport in the future carer of young people

My student have thought about the impact of sport in the future carer of young people.In Kenya one of the most sure income earner is sports,specifically athletics.

Also how does sports affect the academic performance of students?

Does it help the student to improve performance or not?

I think that sports are an important factor in academic performance for students. Sports are a way that you can relief away from stress and it helps you improve your performance as a student. Sports can help you concentrate more in your academic performances. This can also disturb you though in your performance. There has to be equality in the amount you spend on each of the activities. Sport can also disrupt you and make you lose focus.
If your academic performances are decreasing because of sports that means you are spending to much time in it and should spend more time in your education. Sports are like any other hobby that can be fun but can also disrupt you in other subjects. For example my favorite sport I soccer. I love to participate in soccer teams and I spend a lot of time in it. I also keep up with my academic performances though, so that means that my spending time is equally so far. Sports are one of the best hobbies because it’s also healthy and fun. Sports can be beneficial towards your academic performances but you have to be careful in your timing and scheduling. Jorge

Sports and Acadmics
At Tappan Zee High School, sports play a big role in the student’s life. Although sports take up a lot of time afterschool, and some weekends, students still manage to find ways to get their work done. In order to be on a sports team at our school, students must maintain a certain average throughout the season. You have to be passing all of your classes, but if you are failing more than one, you are put on academic probation. Because of this consequence, players are motivated to work hard in school so they can play on the team. Coaches of the teams are usually teachers, so they understand that school work is important and make sure that their sport is not completely interfering with academics.
Athletics give students the drive to get through the day because it is something to look forward to. Being on a sports team, if you are not in school you cannot attend practice, or a game. Having this rule has a positive effect in the attendance at school. Some sports take up more time than others leaving students with homework at late hours of the night, or not being able to get it done. For example, Ice Hockey is very hard to get ice time for practice at the local rinks so the boys are forced to practice late at night or early in the morning and also far away. Other teams like bowling will only practice 2-3 times a week for about an hour. Sports like volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, football, lacrosse and tennis practice every day after school and on weekends for about 2 hours.
Most of our athletes do other things besides school sports such as work, sporting groups outside of school, music, and dance lessons. Managing their time plays a large role in the academic success of the student athletes. The more you get done during the day, the less you have to cram in after sports.
There could be weeks with no games and weeks with multiple games in which players may have to travel far. This makes it hard to do homework, but some players manage to get some done on the bus ride.
The exceptional student athletes who achieve academically are presented with special awards due to their ability to be dedicated to both athletics and academics. This award is called the Scholar Athlete Award. The people who accept the award have an article and interview in the local paper and their name posted on a banner in the school gym forever.
At Tappan Zee High School athletics and academics are on the same scale of importance. Whether you’re an athlete, teacher or student everyone understands the dedication you have to put in to maintain such high standards in school and athletics.