Our colleages from Oman would like us to discuss how to increase people's motivation to accomplish there goals even with challenges.

What are the goals of your students?
What challenges do they face?
How do they increase motivation?


Motivation, by Muir School, USA

The goals of John Muir students are to become effective learners, in our school and in our community. The goals our students have is to be able to make a difference in a life in some small way. One of the main goals in our student body is not only to graduate High school but go
to college. Each of the students in John Muir has different goals. Some go to music school, some go to designing school and some want to become nurses, and attorneys. A couple challenges students face are finances, finances to attend a four year college. Universities in the United States are also very competitive to get accepted. A way that students increase motivation, is not only through will power. But through each other, we motivate each other, we don't let anyone settle for less. Jasmine V

The goals of our students is to be global citizens, meaning each student will be more aware of the news around the world and be able to connect with people around the world and help out the people. We also connect with other student from around the world to learn more about them and their countries. From time to time we will work with the other students around the world with disasters and other problems. Some of the challenges we face are technology types which is like connecting with the others students and getting responses from them.

The students here at John Muir do a lot to increase motivation which are making banners and talking to the students in class or holding classes about that problems. –Jason H

World of Tomorrow, Motivation
In Tappan Zee High School there are many goals that students strive to achieve. One of the major goals for students is maintaining a high GPA (Grade Point Average), which is anything between a 3.5 and a 4.0. One of the motivating factors for athletes within the school is the fact that they can only participate in their school if they are doing well in all of their classes. Most students at our school wish to graduate from high school and go onto college. However, reaching these goals poses many challenges. Finding enough time to socialize and do other extra-curricular activities becomes a struggle. Preparing for and taking the SAT’s and ACT’s (standardized tests that college admission boards look at) are extremely stressful for students because they are a key factor in college admissions. With those scores, students can determine which colleges they can definitely get into, and which schools are a reach. Unfortunately, academics are not the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to college choices. A large percentage of the population struggles financially and therefore must take into account tuition fees and the possibility of taking out a loan.