From Kirov--


Which languages do we know?
How do we learn them?
Does the computer help up learn them? How?
What is your experience with learning languages?

A computer. Does it help to study a foreign language?
In our point of view, it does because you can be in touch with foreign people and learn about different cultures as you can find on the Internet a wide variety of information such us online dictionaries, encyclopedias, international learning projects (like the one we are working on) etc.

1. When do you use a computer at the lesson?
For grammar and vocabulary exercises or for communicating with students and teachers from international projects.

2. What do you study with a computer
- new words
-new grammar
-listen to the texts
-in reading
-(all the above)

3. Do you like lessons with the computer?
Studying with a computer could be really helpful and time-saving because you don’t have to search for hours in a library for dictionaries or generally books. You simply type the word you are interested in and all the relevant links are in front of you on the screen. On the other hand, computer could cause health problems such as headaches and ,additionally, it can be rather distracting because it is very tempting to surf in irrelevant fun pages.

4. How long and how often do you use a computer at the lesson?
Almost every time we have a lesson for the whole lesson in our private language school. However, in our school we only manage to use the computer in our computer science lesson (2 hours per week).

5. Does it make your life easier?
Of course, because we can save time, energy and space as we can save whole books in a folder in the hard disk of our computer.

Languages from California
I know four languages. Spanish is my main one, then English, and then in school I took a French class, and lastly I know some sign language. I would love to learn Italian more sign language and then Portuguese. I learned them at my school there's a Language class and the teacher teaches Spanish and English.. The computer does help because you can learn the basic of the language you want to learn. My experiences are that I like to learn new things and that way I can become a translator an help people when there's nobody around that speak their language and then I could help them. Kim

The language that I am very fluent is English, but I understand some Russian and Spanish. English because it was the easiest language my parents could teach me, Spanish because I am Mexican and some Russian because a good friend of mine is Russian and is fluent in it. I would like to know some more Spanish because to me it seems like one of the most dominant languages in the world. I would try to learn Spanish by hanging out with more people who speak it and try to take classes. Yes, you can learn another language online by taking virtual classes. I have experience learning some words from other languages by listening to music in different languages and then seeing the lyrics in English. Christian

My primary language is English but I also know some Spanish. I took Spanish for three years and I use it on a rare occasions. I would like to learn Norwegian because a majority of my family resides in Norway. I am fortunate that my Norwegian relatives speak English. The computer doesn't help me learn any language although there are some programs such as Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone has you speak in to a microphone and it will tell you if you pronounced the word correctly or not. I do not have very much experience with learning languages. I was going to take Japanese ninth grade at one school but I was accepted in to another school my parents saw fit for me. Nate F.