From USA


Tell us about your reading.
Give a summary of a good book you read recently. Do you read on a Kindle or other digital reader?
Who might also enjoy the book? Why?
Is there a library is your town? In your school?
What do you read? For pleasure? For school?
Tell about authors from your country or from other countries.
Do you find yourself spending more time on the internet than reading text?
Which applications do you use on the internet the most?
This goes right to the future project. Tell there what you think the future of books will be.


We recently read the novel Les Misèrables by Victor Hugo. The book focuses a wide array of characters during the French Revolution. Jean Valjean is a convict, changed for the better by a single act of compassion from a bishop. Valjean goes on to be a successful business man and mayor under a different name. In the mean time, he meets a poor and sickly woman named Fantine. She asks him to care for her daughter, Cosette. Another novel read by the freshmen class of our school is Jane Eyre. The story follows an orphaned girl as she becomes an adult. She falls for the charming yet unattractive, Mr. Rochester. Their love is forbidden yet indisputable. In school, we read the books in paperback or hardcover. Some students may use a Kindle© by choice but others borrow books from the school.
There are libraries located in every school in the district as well as a public library in each town. Students that like to read are popular and cool. Everyone is required to read certain books for English class. Whether the student enjoys reading or not varies, depending on the student or the book. Some students enjoy reading in their spare time but everyone is different.
There are plenty of authors to choose from, but some of our favorites from America are Suzanne Collins, Dr. Seuss, Anne Rice and Stephen King. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is another favorite of ours. Anne Rice has written one of the most classic vampire novels, Interview With the Vampire. Dr. Seuss, a legendary children’s writer has left an ever-lasting impression on our childhood. Stephen King has written many horror novels including The Shining, It, and Pet Sematary. Although she is not from the United States, J.K. Rowling is by far, one of the most popular authors of our time. The Harry Potter series is of course a smash hit everywhere.
The internet plays a huge role in our daily life. In our school, even homework can be submitted via the internet. Books are rarely used for research because the internet has so much more information and is easily accessible. In our spare time, most students use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and/or StumbleUpon. Google is the most used search engine and Wikipedia offers a wide spectrum of information.
Most avid readers prefer books to e-readers but things are changing quickly. Maybe Kindles or Nooks will be more popular in the near future…

Books, by Muir School, USA
I read a lot of books. When I’m not doing anything important I can read up to 3 books a week. The most recent book I read was called, Winter Girls by Laurie Halse Anderson. It is about a girl who is struggling with anorexia and the recent death of her best friend from the same disease. The book is definitely for older teens. Anyone who is interested about the problems of many teenaged girls would like this book. I, personally, am not fond of E-readers. I like to feel the turn of the pages. There are 37 San Diego libraries. My school also has a library. I read YA (young adult) novels. I read a lot more than I go on the internet. I use Facebook the most when I’m on the internet. Arianna B

The most recent book that I have red was Bud Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis. It is about an orphaned African American living in Flint, Michigan, during the Great Depression. The main character, Bud, decides to try and find his father. The only clue his mother left him was several flyers about a band in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He gets a ride to Grand Rapids, and finds Herman E. Calloway, the man that he believes is his father. This book is for ages nine and up but the theme and ride of the story make the go through every hardship that Bud goes through and put you in the front seat of the worst time in American history, The Great Depression. I don't use a digital reader. There are lots of libraries in my town, and we do have a wide selection of books in our school. I don't read much for pleasure but when there is some thing that catches my eye I do read, but school is where I have to do most of my reading. There are always new authors to read about and there are plenty of authors. I read more on the Internet then reading text. I use the internet for school work. Future books will be the same, but the way they come to use will change and make it easy to have them written and to be read. Carlos Marquez

I recently read the book Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. This book is a story of a man who finds his faith in an unknown religion. The man, who is not named, goes through a series of events that introduce him to the religion of Bokononism. It is these events that introduce him to a new way of viewing life.

When I read books I do not use e-readers or kindles. I prefer to have a tangible item in my hands. I prefer of the feeling of being able to turn actual pages. Our society is so based on technology that we spend too much time staring at screens anyways. It is good for us to take a break from that. Although I prefer actual books I do read on the internet. There are just too many small articles that cannot be found off the internet. Ben K